Rahm Emanuel: National Media and Politicians Rushed to Judgement on Smollett

On Thursday’s “CNN Tonight,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated that national media and politicians should “take a step back,” and think about how they should handle stories like the Jussie Smollett story in the future and that “before we rush to judgment, we should take a pause, get the facts.” Emanuel began by talking about what a “welcoming city” Chicago is, adding, “I’m upset about what he said about the city and the way he used the city. But more importantly — and every city has challenges to work on, let me say something about our city, that is, our police officers took this as a very serious hate crime, and they dedicated the resources to deal with it as a hate crime. But then you literally put doubt, not only about the city, and also, in addition, what about the person that’s in the workplace facing discrimination? What about the young man who’s dealing with his own sexual orientation and is attacked for it in high school or in some school, who’s now going to doubt whether people are going to believe him? You have put all those real stories at risk for your fake story. That is not

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